A Healthy Body Starts with Strong Healthy Feet!

Over 80% of the North American population suffers from one or more foot conditions every year, and the North American foot care industry is worth in excess of $5 billion annually.

Since the foot is the body’s foundation, anatomically and functionally sound feet naturally results in healthy ankles, legs, knees, and lower back, which is why ‘Fix Feet First’ pioneered the concept of “For a Healthy Sole” in 2000, to stringently evaluate products and conduct research with the sole aim of improving foot health.

Products You Can Trust

At Fix Feet First, we work closely with a variety of experts from a diverse number of specialities such as biomechanists, podiatrists, chiropractors, physical therapists to research new designs, develop concepts and source exciting innovative products. Our objective is to offer professionals and the general public concise, accurate information relating to the efficacy of an array of foot and lifestyle products that best meet their healthcare, comfort and fashion needs. From hosiery to foot creams, shoe comfort aids to footwear, our aim is to inform the market about products with unique appeal. It’s this focus on lower body health, comfort & style that has enabled us to be one of the most respected information hubs for the foot health market niche.


“A Healthy Body Starts with Strong Healthy Feet!”

Whether at work or exercising, the average North American spends most of their day pounding their feet. According to a recent study, 75% of people in North America experience serious foot related issues a minimum of once during their lifetime. Sadly, even in today’s web savvy world, finding substantiated information on the causes, prevention and the treatment for common foot and lower limb problems is not always that easy. This is why we created FixFeetFirst.com where our mantra is ”A Healthy Body Starts with Strong Healthy Feet!” Our goal is to help people by providing them with information on products and services that have actually been tried and tested.

Says Rob Burke, Biomechanist, “In today’s day and age there is absolutely no reason why anyone should suffer from foot pain for certain ailments related to weak foot muscles.” Now, thanks to FixFeetFirst.com, anyone can easily access a wealth of information that will promote overall foot health and comfort. The goal of FixFeetFirst.com is to educate therapists as well as the public about what actually causes common foot disorders and what they can do for immediate and long-term relief.

Adds Kerrie Edwards, long distance runner and FixFeetFirst.com sporting advisory board member, “I have probably run more miles than anyone in the last three or four decades, so I have had to pay close attention to how I care for my feet. I believe that without proper foot care, it is almost impossible to achieve long-term physical fitness and well-being. FixFeetFirst.com is a remarkable foot care solutions provider that will help improve the lives of millions of people.”

FixFeetFirst.com features an extensive listing of foot disorders, each fully described in non-technical terms for easy identification. This listing includes both general foot conditions as well as special sections for potentially debilitating disorders such as diabetes & arthritis. Also featured is a listing of the known causes for each problem and recommended foot care products that are available for immediate and long-term relief. Once visitors to the site have identified a foot care product that can enhance their own or their client’s foot health, they can proceed to purchase the item directly from the FixFeetFirst.com website.

Our pledge at FixFeetFirst.com is to dedicate our expertise to guiding and empowering our therapist clientele as well as the general public about musculo-skeletal and foot health

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